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Product Development & Marketing

The folks at FirstQuintile have more than 30 years of expert engineering, marketing, project and product management in fields stretching from retail sales, satellites and space, medical devices and beyond!

Product development is the process of taking (conception through manufacturing) a product to market. It also covers renewing an existing product and introducing an old product to a new market. This includes identifying market needs, conceptualizing the product, building the product roadmap, launching the product, and collecting feedback.

FirstQuintile can help:

  • Identify market opportunities
  • Identify customer problems
  • Business Planning
  • Define product capabilities and features
  • Forecast Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Recommend distribution strategies
  • Recommend pricing strategies
  • Define product positioning
  • Create market or sales share projections
  • Formulate overall marketing strategy
  • Segment and analyze the business and help in formulating a future product development plan
  • Monitor industry best practices

Product marketing introduces these products to the consumer or customer, creates strategic messaging that elevates appeal and ultimately drives sales. Marketing actions may include exhibitions and trade shows, conferences, online advertising and social media strategies. Demonstrations – live and virtual – offer an excellent visual and hands on feel to showcase key features and unique selling proposition.

  • Maintain marketing, develop new product launch campaigns, produce training and sales materials like brochures, competitive database, price listing, sales letters, sales presentation, etc.
  • Conduct market research to determine market requirements for existing and future products
  • Analyze customer research, current market conditions and competitor information
  • Develop and implement marketing plans and projects for new and existing products
  • Determine and manage the marketing budget
  • Deliver marketing activity within agreed budget
  • Collaborate with sales

Private Development

FirstQuintile is your private development agency. From simple to complex projects, we ensure all the focus remains on your business, not ours!

Some Markets served:

Equipment Manufacturers

Space & Aerospace Companies

Medical Devices

Digital Health companies



eCommerce Sites

Advertising & Marketing Agencies

Technology companies

Service companies

Legal & Accounting firms

Campgrounds & RV Parks

Good product management involves a wide range of skills and responsibilities, but some of the most important aspects include:

  1. Understanding customer needs:Effective product managers have a deep understanding of their customers and their needs. They are skilled at gathering customer feedback and using it to inform their product development decisions.
  2. Prioritization:Product managers must be able to prioritize features, enhancements, and bug fixes based on customer needs, market trends, and business goals. They must also be able to make tough trade-offs when necessary.
  3. Communication:Good product managers are excellent communicators who can articulate product strategy, priorities, and goals to a variety of stakeholders, including executives, developers, designers, and sales teams.
  4. Strategic thinking:Product managers must be able to think strategically about their product and how it fits into the company’s overall business strategy. They should be able to identify opportunities for growth and innovation, and create a roadmap to achieve those goals.
  5. Data analysis:Effective product managers use data to inform their decisions. They are skilled at using analytics tools to measure product performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.
  6. Collaboration:Product management is a team sport. Effective product managers collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, including engineering, design, sales, and marketing, to ensure that everyone is aligned and working toward a common goal.
  7. Adaptability:Good product managers are flexible and adaptable, able to pivot quickly in response to changing market conditions or customer needs. They are comfortable with uncertainty and can work effectively in fast-paced, agile environments.