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Business & Technology Consulting Services

Do you need help with applications engineering, project management, product management, marketing, customer interfacing, software development, software testing, commercialization, quality assurance, manufacturing, operations, or troubleshooting?

Do you need a consultant to help with the complexities of software, digital, web or technology projects? Is your digital strategy in place or do you need a digital advisor, digital workplace consultant or digital workplace strategist? To help with your next project, FirstQuintile can provide dedicated, experienced consultants and engineers with years of proven success!

Whether it’s health products & services, Class 1 or 2 medical devices, robotics, space, navigation and control, Scada, satellites, commercial lighting products, complex backend or frontend web sites, API’s, mobile apps, business development and management, short term or long term, FirstQuintile is ready to help.

Focus on your core business. Make your products more competitive. Reduce your overhead and operational costs. At FirstQuintile, we are ready to exceed your expectations, manage your technology projects, integrate your information systems and more.

FirstQuintile has a proven ability to develop, lead and motivate teams, set goals and delegate responsibilities, manage cross functional development projects and effectively communicate with executive management, employees and government. Explore some of our services below:

Applications Engineering : the development and implementation of applications or solutions that solve specific problems requires extensive experience & knowledge. Applications engineers create, optimize, test and demonstrate software, hardware and products which address your customer needs. In addition, because of our in-depth knowledge of your product, we are superb resources to demonstrate the product at tradeshows, develop presentations to highlight the utility of your products and to educate others on its operation. [more…]

Product Development, BD & Marketing: years of expert software, embedded and cloud, electronics and systems engineering, marketing, project and product management in fields stretching from retail sales, satellites and space, medical devices and beyond! For Business Development (BD) & marketing, we help with strategic analysis, marketing and sales, start-up planning and general consulting. Business development can be involved in everything from the development of your products and services, to the creation of marketing strategies, to the generation of sales leads, to negotiating and closing deals. FirstQuintile is ready to help! [more…]

Software Engineering Management: SDLC, Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, Real-Time, Embedded, Cloud, SaaS, Python, Web, C, C++, Ada, MongoDB, AWS, Meteor, Recruiting, Interviewing, Managing resources, Large projects, small projects, Space applications, API, Security, Code Walkthroughs, Mentoring and more! [more…]

Project Management: FirstQuintile provides expert Project Management and Canadian consulting services onsite, offsite, full-time and part-time. Engineering, Business, Software and Hardware. We love technology and business, health and the environment. JIRA, Kanban, Confluence, MS Project, Gantt, Agile, you name it, we can help. FirstQuintile provides specific knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to deliver something of value to you and your customers. [more…]

Web Development: Looking for something new? Fresh? Attractive? Have you locked heads with your current web developer? FirstQuintile can port your existing site to a new server, managed by you with help from us. We can design a new site, create, manage and maintain all sorts of web sites and eCommerce shops. Brick and mortar shops are a thing of the past so let us create your online presence. Sell  your products (physical or virtual) online, accept all credit cards, ship, track and promote from the comfort of your home office. Support your customers with video conferencing and chat. WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce and custom design, everything is possible with the help of experts at FirstQuintile. [more…]

Network / IT Consulting: Routers, IP Addresses, WiFi, Wireless, VSAT, Ethernet, Fiber-Optic you name it, we can handle it. From IT consulting and project management, to establishing a managed WiFi mesh network in your facility, campground or marina, we have many years of proven experience to help you with your network needs. [more…]

NEW – Business & Entrepreneur Consulting: Perfect for Start-ups, FirstQuintile will mentor, consult, assist, advise or sit on your Board to ensure your business is off to a great start. Have a great idea, an invention, and innovative product? Don’t know how to prototype, build, manufacture or commercialize? Need support with funding, SRED, government grants and loans? Short-term, long-term, onsite or offsite, the folks at FirstQuintile can smooth the transition and supplement your team with the expertise and experience for a win-win scenario – we have done is all before! [more…]

Completed Projects

What makes FirstQuintile a great consulting firm?

We recently asked ChatGPT this important question. The following response was received and we wholeheartedly agreed with this AI generated content!

A great consulting company is one that delivers high-quality services and solutions that meet the needs of its clients. To achieve this, a great consulting company should have:

  1. Expertise: A team of skilled and experienced consultants who have the knowledge and expertise to solve complex business problems.
  2. Communication: Excellent communication skills to ensure effective collaboration with clients and clear understanding of their needs.
  3. Adaptability: Flexibility to adapt to changing client requirements and market trends.
  4. Results-oriented: A focus on delivering measurable results that create value for clients.
  5. Innovation: A commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, leveraging new technologies and best practices to improve service delivery.
  6. Trust and integrity: Strong ethical values, transparency and trustworthiness to maintain a long-term relationship with clients.
  7. Responsiveness: The ability to respond promptly to client needs and requirements.
  8. Competitive pricing: Providing fair and transparent pricing that offers clients value for money.

Overall, a great consulting company should provide tailored solutions to meet clients’ specific needs, while also being committed to excellence, innovation, and continuous improvement.