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About Us

FirstQuintile projects are led by Terry Fagen, with degrees in Science, Engineering and Management, has many years of expert engineering and project management to ensure success. But don’t take our word for it, read some testimonials, customer references and independent, actual and psychological reviews.

Wondering who you are getting or what you can expect working with Terry? Our Head of Consulting presents the independent results from extensive psychological and performance testing over the years!

Independent Analysis: Terry Fagen, Head of Consulting

  • Coping with the Demands of Work: You are capable of dealing very effectively with the routine, day-to-day stresses such as time pressure, difficult working conditions and heavy work loads. These routine, ongoing stressors do not cause you difficulty. You demonstrate the emotional control and optimism to sustain strong performance in spite of the daily stresses of work. Your approach to work reflects a strong ability to recover from setbacks and sustain consistent work performance under stressful conditions while remaining open to change that others often resist. You are able to control emotional reactions to disappointing results that would discourage many others. You are generally quite optimistic and confident about performing well. Even when discouraged by setbacks, your self-confidence and optimism will enable a fairly quick recovery. This is an important strength that will help your performance in a wide range of work situations For many, change itself can be a significant stress. You, on the other hand, show a real openness to change and a willingness to adapt to and support changes. Your underlying optimism and confidence is not threatened by change and enables you to expect most changes to produce positive results.

Some Markets served:

Equipment Manufacturers

Space & Aerospace Companies

Medical Devices

Digital Health companies



eCommerce Sites

Advertising & Marketing Agencies

Technology companies

Service companies

Legal & Accounting firms

Campgrounds & RV Parks

Private Development

FirstQuintile is your private development agency. From simple to complex projects, we ensure all the focus remains on your business, not ours!

More testimonials, analyses, references…

  • Working with Others: Your work style is very well suited to working in teams, in highly interactive groups and in one-on-one relationships. You find it easy to cooperate and share accountability with others and enjoy working in the company of others. Where there are significant differences between group members, you are capable of adapting where necessary to avoid conflict. You like to take on ownership of the work and are very confident about the ability to get work done well without relying on others for direction or support.
  • Getting Things Done: You have an intense drive to achieve results and be successful. This is fueled by a willingness to be assertive and by a high activity level. Beyond that, you are willing to take risks in order to get large rewards and you have the self confidence to persist in spite of obstacles. You enjoy a challenging problem or objective and certainly have the determination to find successful solutions. Your steady success stems in part from an appreciation for the benefits of planning and organizing. You are conscientious about getting the details right in these plans and will ask for help from others, if necessary. You show every indication of being is a smart worker who is a quick study when problems arise. This ability to recognize when problems occur and quickly determine solutions enables you to keep work going forward with little or no interruption in spite of obstacles. In part, this is because you are confident in your own abilities.
  • Leading and Influencing: Your work style is to take on leadership roles in a wide variety of situations. This style comes from a deep self-confidence and a strong desire to achieve success. Equally important, you have a strong self-awareness and openness to feedback from others and other learning opportunities. This combination of confidence, drive, and openness enables you to be a highly effective leader.
  • Risk Tolerance: You enjoy excitement and stimulation in your life and will make an effort to create a stimulating work place. Similarly, you are more willing than most to take risks at work that could produce very positive results but have some chance of failure. While you are not reckless, you do seek out risky situations as a way of improving your work outcomes beyond what others might do. This attitude is valuable for entrepreneurial work and work where you have a large range of responsibility for generating business growth. 
  • Follow-Through: As someone who tends to be driven by exceeding expectations, you are likely to be seen as a high achiever. As a result, you are likely to have excellent follow-through on tasks when appropriately engaged.

Personal References

What is it like working with Terry?

Graeme M, Marketing Director, MDA Corporation

“I have known Terry for over a decade. He is among the most creative, credible, intelligent and driven software and systems designers that I have met in 30 years of business experience. Terry is completely results oriented and places the customer at the forefront of all actions.”

Bill R, Director, Digital Media Development, LeanWebTools

“I’ve worked alongside Terry a great deal over past 12 years, first as a one of his clients, then as a colleague, business partner and friend — he is not only a dedicated, business-focused, tech-savvy senior executive, he’s one of the smartest and most driven business professionals I’ve ever met. Terry’s passion for and deep understanding of both client needs AND leading-edge technologies has helped him devise powerful digital solutions, develop new lines of business and deliver countless marketing programs that drive business growth and keep customers coming back for more. I’ve seen him in action many times, as an astute, adept motivator who can easily identifying client ‘pain points’, work hand-in-hand to come up with elegant, creative solutions and organize business, technical and creative teams to get the job done — he kept me on my toes and very busy for many years as he seems to uncover new business opportunities wherever he goes. Above all, Terry is an honest, hardworking, efficient and analytical professional — a great find whose efforts would bring value to the executive suite of any company.”

Pierre C, Vice President, Global Sales, Smiths Industries/Advantech

“Terry is a great Director of Marketing, under his leadership our corporate image and communications (web, media) have greatly improved. Terry was instrumental in the reengineering of our brand by unifying three separate divisions (RF products, VSAT and Terrestrial Radio) under one umbrella Advantech Wireless. Great work!”

Nick C, RF Engineer / Team Lead, EMS Satellite Networks

“Excellent team player and easy to work with. Has excellent knowledge of marketing, applications and engineering – a great combination!”

Walter R, SVP & General Manager, Advantech Satellite Networks

“I have worked with Terry several times dating back to Spar Aerospace. He is one of the hardest working and high energy individuals I know. His knowledge of emerging technologies makes him an ideal employee in a senior capacity. His relationships span technicians though to CEO’s. Any company would be well served with Terry Fagen.”

Harold K, Vice President of Global Engineering at Allen-Vanguard

I worked alongside Terry in the Digital Products group at Spar Aerospace during periods of intense growth in the remote sensing, manned space, and satellite communications businesses at the company. Terry was instrumental in growing the Software Engineering group into a world-class department with extensive capability in safety-critical systems. I highly endorse Terry’s professionalism, “esprit de corps”, and his entrepreneurship. He would be a valuable addition to any organization, especially those engaged in product development where the software performance is critical.

Mathieu M, MBA, VP – Zayo Canada

“I have worked with Terry in various roles; sometimes FOR him and sometimes WITH him. In a nutshell: Terry makes you want to achieve. By that I mean he has the vision to get you on board, and then leadership to carry through and make it happen. I look forward to working with him every opportunity I get.”

Ashley M, Advertising Manager

“During the time I worked with Terry, he distinguished himself as a conscientious and energetic leader in the fields of technology and management. Terry’s love for marketing and technology is obvious and impacts everyone on his team. I have enormous respect for his teaching and leadership skills and anyone would be privileged to work with him.”


Lead inventor for several international patents including:

    A pill dispensing system is provided. In an embodiment, the system comprises a pill release mechanism, a reader for reading an array-type pill package identifier; and a processing unit in communication with the pill release mechanism and the reader.
    A dispenser for dispensing pills stored into any one of a plurality of individual containers of an array-type pill package is provided. The individual containers have a generally flexible common top surface and all extend on a same side. The 5 dispenser includes a cylindrical package holder having a cylindrical periphery configured for holding the array-type pill package thereon with the individual containers projecting radially away and is rotatably mounted on a chassis.
    A mechanism for dispensing pills from an array-type pill package is provided. The mechanism includes a chassis, a package holder, a cutting mechanism configured to cut a sidewall of an individual container in the array-type pill package, a dispensing mechanism configured to receive and dispense a cut individual container therein; and a control system configured to control a relative position of the cutting mechanism and the package holder along at least two degrees of freedom. A cutting mechanism is also provided.