Entrepreneurs & Startups

Are you an entrepreneur? Have you dreamed of starting your own business? Well the folks at FirstQuintile have done this successfully, many times in the past 30 years. We can help you with all aspects of your dream: company registration, legal, accounting setup, patents and intellectual property protection, SRED, engineering consulting, manufacturing – locally and internationally, marketing and of course online sales.

Based in Montreal with the lowest cost of living in North America, highest tax incentives, low cost electricity, large pool of talent and world class universities and researchers, we can offer your start-up all these benefits as well as access to our network of private and public investors, grants and loans.

Steps we can help with:

Planning: Choosing a business structure, market research, writing a business plan, selecting your business name, registering and protecting your business name.

Registering: We can help you obtain lawyers, accountants and patent firms to represent your interests. Registration of tax numbers and government accounts, permits, licenses.

Technical Support and Financing: Our network of independent though tier 1 firms is available to meet all of your needs.

Manufacturing: We have the experts to help you develop your proof of concept, find appropriate contractors or employees, prototype, 3D print or manufacture in Asia.

Marketing & Sales: We can assist with your marketing plan, sales prospecting and exhibitions.